What To Look For In A Print On Demand Company

It is quite important to choose a print partner that best fits your print on demand business. There are many print-on-demand company in the market and we have introduced the 11 best print on demand sites. In fact, the best ones all share the same traits. And you need to know these traits that you should look for in a reliable print partner to ensure that your print on demand store has high-quality products and services.

Quality Control

Quality inspection is a mandatory part of the process when importing products, regardless of the order volume. A good print on demand company will definitely have a systematized quality inspection process and check the quality to guarantee the quality. And the quality covers both the product itself and the print effect. Good quality is the most important thing to guarantee the customers satisfied. You can test the quality of products and print yourself by making a sample order.

Illustration of quality control

Product Range

A good print on demand company should have as broad of a product range as possible, such as T-shirts, Shoes, Bags, Phone Cases, Mugs, Pillows, etc, while still offering high-quality products. Different sellers have different demand and if a seller concentrates on a print on demand niche, he still may have the demand to expand his merchandise to include more niche products. What’s more, the wide product range also implies the company’s size and capability which seems to be more convinced.

Returns Handling

You need to do your research thoroughly and know the differences in each company’s returns policy in case a customer does want to return something. And there can be many reasons, from the customer being unhappy with the product to an error in production, or even a problem by the shipping service. There is no doubt that a good company always shows clearly about returns policy and handles returns timely and fairly. What’s more, it might be a good idea to copy the print company’s returns policy into your print on demand store.

Price Model

Try to know the company’s price model and if the price is reasonable. A good company usually only charges you a flat amount for the actual cost of the order. This means you only need to pay for the products without any other cost that may be a monthly fee, sign-up fee, storage fee, or minimum order. And this keeps things simple and avoids continuous, additional charges. When comparing options, find out what you get for the cost. What’s more, don’t neglect the price of the product itself which may directly affect your store’s cost.

Fast Shipping

Customers usually expect fast shipping. So look at the different shipping methods and speeds offered. And if you want to sell your products globally, you need a print partner that can ship worldwide and offer different methods like standard, express, overnight, etc. What’s more, if the company has different warehouses in different countries or regions, it can provide better shipping service and access these regions faster.


It is a good idea to find a print partner that offers different personalized options to your products. Some popular add-ons can be sleeve prints on t-shirts, embroidery, or even printed inside labels which makes it look like the products are coming directly from your store. There is data that 1 in 4 customers would pay more to have a personalized product. And add personalization to your products can help your brand stand out and be more unique.

5 Best WooCommerce Print On Demand Plugins

WooCommerce is the most customizable platform with 400+ plugins span all your logistical technical requirements. It is built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, which is the world’s most popular and powerful method for creating a website. More and more businesses choose to open an ecommerce store on WooCommerce. And when you start a print on demand business on it, it is necessary to know about its print on demand plugins. There are 5 best WooCommerce print on demand plugins so you can list high-quality, unique, and in-demand print on demand products on your WooCommerce store that will sell well and keep you standing amongst your competition.


Printful’s main focus is on the printing side of things so their product offering isn’t massive and you won’t find different brands, suppliers or boutiques offering their products through Printful. It can connect directly with WordPress/WooCommerce with the Printful WooCommerce print on demand plugin. And WooCommerce integration is easy. First, you install the Printful plugin to Wp site, connect your store to Printful, add products to Printful, set up shipping and taxes and that’s it.

The best part of the Printful WooCommerce print on demand plugin is that you can customize each of their items with your own unique designs. This is ideal for artists and creators who want to sell products with their own designs on them, but it’s available for anyone. If you have designs that you want to print on products and sell to the public, Printful can help make it a reality for you.


Printify has a print on demand provider with no printers. It is a print on demand platform that handles product creation and fulfillment. Once you connect your WooCommerce shop with Printify, it allows you to choose a print shop located as close as possible to your target audience. Printify lets you choose not only print location/shop but as well quality and t-shirt models. The final price of the product will depend on several variables.

Its WooCommerce integration is done via a plugin, and with Integrations, all order operations are automated, and users only need to worry about selling and marketing their products. There is a video that shows detailed instructions on their YouTube channel. And there is also a page that introduces How To Integrate With WooCommerce. There is a more detailed Printify Review: Print on Demand for Your WooCommerce Store that shows the whole process of set up Printify.


Gooten is a dropshipping supplier that provides 100+ types of print-on-demand products for you to choose from, add your custom designs or photos onto, and then have them shipped directly to your customers. You should consider them as a supplier for your WooCommerce print on demand store because they offer some unique products that their competitors don’t offer and they provide a high-quality service at an accessible price. 

It offers simple, built-in integrations for Shopify, Etsy, and Amazon, along with a powerful, extensible API behind some of the web’s most innovative buying experiences. And for WooCommerce, there is API document that helps to quickly and easily integrate your existing custom application or ecommerce store with Gooten.

Print Aura

Print Aura is a POD provider with worldwide delivery, although they have their offices only in the US. They provide some reasonable delivery costs. With it your items are fully branded with your logo, stickers and brand alike with each shipment.

Its WooCommerce integration is a piece of cake. You’ll need to upload Print Aura (not available via WordPress), and you can find details in the video Guide To Installing The Print Aura Plugin For WordPress/Woocommerce. It also has a page which introduce WooCommerce app.


Printrove has more than 250 products to sell. And you don’t have to worry about inventory or investing on machinery. It can give the complete brand experience to your customers by adding your logo on the neck of t-shirts or simply add a thank you card for them. What’s more, it showcases your designs on all our products quickly without having to use a complicated design software.

It can integrate with WooCommerce easily. And there is a guide to install the plugin Printrove Integration for WooCommerce.

11 Best Print on Demand Sites

Print on demand sites are sites where printing is done in small quantities based on the order. They allow you to create your designs online, set up a shop or get a link to share on social media and sell without ever owning inventory or managing a shipment. The following are 11 best print on demand sites and you can choose suitable sites according to your demand.

  • Pod.cjdropshipping

Pod.cjdropshipping is a part of cjdropshipping which is a great dropshipping website with huge warehouses and database of products as well as worldwide shipping. It is one of the best and most popular print on demand site based on traffic and feedback. And it is in combination with dropshipping. Only thing you need to do is to sell online print on demand products. There are wide range of printable products that you can sell, including office, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, clothing, sports, outdoors, home, toys, phone accessories, etc. You can sell these print on demand products on your own site, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. It provide fastest shipping time by CJ fulfillment and there will be quality checking before shipping them out.

  • Redbubble

Redbubble is an online marketplace for print-on-demand products based on artwork submitted by a diverse community. It has a substantial online presence and designs are offered in their main marketplace, which means more traffic to your designs. Using quality designs and providing accurate listing details will help your designs appear in Redbubble search, bringing you new customers. Customers can print a wide variety of merchandise like t-shirts, skirts, notebooks, duvet covers, postcards, hoodies, scarves, stickers and more at Redbubble. Redbubble has a global third-party printer and shipper network that can make and send your customers’ orders to their doorsteps. It is free to join and it has easy to use interface and fast upload process.

  • TeeSpring

Teespring is an online marketplace and has a minimum quantity requirement for printing. And you can either choose an existing design on the portal or create one of your own. You can print T-shirts and other apparel, home decoration, mugs and gift items. What’s more, T-shirt designs can be browsed by Age, Family, Hobbies, Animals, Locations, Sports, Music, Occasions and alike. When you create a Teespring campaign, you can set the selling price of your products. The more items you sell from a campaign, the cheaper the base cost will be. International shipping can take 10-16 business days once production begins if you are in the US, Canada, or anywhere in Europe. Rush shipping is also available and take 2-5 business days to reach US.

  • Zazzle

Zazzle is another another marketplace to list your products on. At Zazzle you can create 1300+ items and then further customize them to make them. One can choose art of an artist or design something themselves. You can print t-shirts, buttons, tote bags, invitations, mugs, stickers, business cards, kid’s clothes, kid’s pacifiers and more. And there are tutorials and tips from Zazzle to improve your product. Zazzle handles production, payment processing, shipping, returns, and customer service so you can focus on creating and selling your products. It also offers helpful promotional tools, plus useful tracking reports. With Zazzle, you set up your own royalty rates and you can earn also on referrals. Their minimum payout is $50 and you can get 15% per referral sale and up to 17% if you do volume.

  • Custom Ink

Custom Ink was found in 2000 and has over 100 million custom t-shirts. It is one of the print on demand websites for beginners. It has a friendly user interface and a good reputation. And it also allows you to create your own fundraiser which is one of their unique points. Your contributors become like your venture capital backers so you can start your own company and they can get some shirts with your brand. It is the t-shirt printing expert for team, school, company, or any occasion.

  • Teepublic

If you’re an indie designer who specializes in funny and unique art, Teepublic is an excellent option. With Teepublic, you’ll have the opportunity to put your designs on mugs, t-shirts, posters, notebooks, and more. After you put your design up on your digital store, Teepublic will do the other things for you. Teepublic will in charge of shipping and printing when customers shop your designs. They also guarantee high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

  • Fine Art America

Fine Art America is a platform that is heavy on art and is a place where artists mostly publish their designs in the form of frames and canvas. You won’t find shirts or any other type of clothing on Fine Art America. And you can print wall art, home decoration like cushions, shower curtains, bath towels, Tech products like chargers and phone cases and select beach gear at it. You can find higher quality products if you’re into home decoration and art.

  • Society6

At Society6, artists across the globe can upload and sell their art. It’s a very active community and marketplace where talent and quality can definitely be found. Apart from products like apparel, gifts, furnishings one can also order art prints, framed art prints and stretched canvases. Sometimes, it is difficult to put up art because each item has a different size specification. When you sell on Society6, you still control the rights to your artwork. You set the prices and select which products you are comfortable being made from your designs. With a built-in online store, setting up your digital storefront is quick and painless. The company has easy-to-follow guidelines to make sure your products print in the best resolution and handles all customer service for you.

  • CafePress

CafePress has a ton of items to sell and offer good margins and lower base costs thanks to being one of the oldest in the list. It has one of the most extensive assortment of products available to host your designs. They have options to print t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and posters, as you’d expect. But customers can also choose to print your creations on stuffed animals, messenger bags, calendars, and even clocks. CafePress offer international currencies for the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and the European Union.

  • Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt has over 100 unique products for customers to make, buy, and sell their designs on in their marketplace. And it has an easy to use interface and a ton of options you can play with as an artist. It claims to have sold over 20 million items already. Some of the products you can sell at Spreadshirt are kid’s clothing, water bottles, phone cases, tablet cases, etc. It usually goes for trending items so whatever is new in the market that’s making waves might be available fast at Spreadshirt. Spreadshirt allows you to make your designs available through one or two sales channels. The one is that you can publish and sell your designs on Spreadshirt.com to 50,000+ daily visitors. And you earn your design price with each sale. The other is to sell in your own Shop which will make you a Shop Partner eligible to earn Affiliate Commissions.

  • Printful

Printful is the one print on demand site that easily integrates with more than 10 e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, eBay and more. It has been in business since 2013 and is one of the top players in the POD industry. Having locations in both the USA and Latvia, allows Printful to offer a fast and reliable service to most countries in the world. You can add your design to more than 200 different products. There are different types of clothes, accessories, wall art, phone cases and other stuff like towels, bed accessories, etc. Besides print on demand Printful also offers Warehousing and Fulfillment service alternative to FBA.