How To Start A Print On Demand Business In 2020

For print on demand has many advantages, such as no minimum order quantities, no need to carry inventory, very little set up costs, you may want to start a print on demand business in 2020. And you may don’t know how to start a print on demand business. The following will introduce this and help you start a print on demand business in 2020.

Choose A Profitable Niche

Choosing a profitable niche is the most important thing in your print on demand business. This decides what type of product you want to add to your store. You can start looking for profitable niche idea by checking the bestselling products of 2019 from many places, such as Amazon’s Bestselling Products, eBay’s Trending Products, Etsy’s Bestselling Items, Notonthehighstreet, Trendhunter, Trendwatching, etc. Then you may have some ideas and can go to Twitter, Facebook to see whether people are talking about your niche and what are they saying. And use Google Trends to quickly assess the popularity and trend of your niche to align your products with your market needs.

Create Your Store And Designs

This is one of the most necessary steps to start your own Print on Demand business. To sell your products, it is essential to own your store and designs.

To create a store, you should register a domain name from GoDaddy, Namecheap or a similar service provider. And then you should choose a platform for your store. Shopify is one of the best platforms and there are 8 Best Print On Demand And Drop Shipping Ecommerce Platforms. After you have a store, you should design your store with themes, plugins, etc.

And about designs, you can create yourself or just buy them from Design Pickle, DesignerCash, Fiverr, Upwork, eComLibray. Validating your designs is a crucial part of a successful start. The most common methods for validating ideas include sharing designs on social media networks, online forums, and your personal network.

Cooperate With A POD Website

After you have your own store and designs, you should choose a reliable print on demand website to cooperate with. It makes all the difference between successful and failed POD retailers. There are 11 Best Print on Demand Sites. And Pod.cjdropshipping is a good partner. It is a part of CJDropshipping which is a great dropshipping website with huge warehouses and database of products as well as worldwide shipping. And it is in combination with dropshipping and offers store integrations for Shopify, etc. The only thing you need to do is to sell online print on demand products. There is also an introduction about how does it work which you can refer to and know more.

Promote Your Store

Marketing is an essential part of every Print on Demand business. And there are different Ways to Drive Traffic to Dropshipping or Print on Demand Stores.

Ways to Drive Traffic to Dropshipping or Print on Demand Stores

Traffic is the most important matter in your dropshipping or print on demand business. Traffic generation can help an online ecommerce store to skyrocket sales and earn more profits. And according to the State of Inbound, generating traffic and leads is the leading challenge facing companies today. If you want to get sales, you must have visitors who enter their store and show interest in your products. It is necessary to know about the different ways to drive traffic to your dropshipping or print on demand stores. The following will introduce this and building up a consistent stream of visitors takes time and effort.

Optimize SEO

If you don’t want to pay for traffic, SEO is a good choice. By optimizing your store for search engines like Google, you can drive a huge amount of FREE traffic.

First, you should optimize your site, especially your product descriptions and images. Once you optimize those elements, when someone searches for a product, your product could rank number 1 on search result pages. In specific, you should add relevant keywords to the product description to make it informative and SEO-friendly. And for image optimization, use keywords for your image names, optimize alt attributes carefully, choose image dimensions and product angles wisely, reduce the file size of images.

Second, encourage reviews and comments also improve SEO. To get more customer reviews and comments on your product, you can add some call to action buttons for customers to leave a review on your store. And you can make your review process easy and make it mobile. You can also give your customers something valuable in exchange for reviews and comments.

Third, Write and update blog posts helps increase the chances of visitors stumbling upon your blog when searching for something on Google. And you can also give your customers a useful piece of information about benefits, tips, and tricks to use your products better.

Run Ads

You can run Facebook video ads, Instagram ads, and Google ads. Facebook video ads can target audiences and when running them, remember to use how-to videos and tie UGC into them. And on Instagram, you can run photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, and stories ads and select from unique CTA buttons. You can also run Google ads which include display advertising and search advertising.

Review On Other Websites

Quora, Reddit are good websites for you to participate in to drive a huge amount of traffic to your store. You can answer questions related to dropshipping or print on demand business or products on Quora. And on Reddit, you can submit store links that are relevant to each specific community. You can also comment on it. What’s more, you can leave valuable comments on some dropshipping or print on demand blogs or videos by YouTube relevant experts. The earlier you review, the more traffic it will bring to your store.

Create Videos

Create videos on your YouTube channel is a good idea to get free traffic. And you can create customer testimonial videos, product review videos, and educational videos. Except for YouTube, you can also place your videos on other platforms, such as your other social networks, DailymotionVimeo or even 9GAG TV.

Email Marketing

Building an engaging email list is one of the most effective methods for driving traffic to your online shop. Using OptinMonster, you can create a personalized marketing campaign addressing the needs of individual users. For example, you can encourage new visitors to sign up for your list, target existing customers with personalized promotional campaigns, and even target abandoned customers to complete their transactions.

Top Print On Demand And Dropshipping Experts To Follow In 2020

When you start a print on demand and dropshipping business, it is necessary to know the information about the industry in time. There are many bloggers, entrepreneurs, and influencers who are experts in the print on demand and would like to share their knowledge online. The following will introduce the top print on demand and dropshipping experts to follow in 2020 to become a successful online seller.

Sarah Crisp

As a leading ecommerce educational video provider and prominent Youtuber, her Youtube channel, Wholesale Ted, has over 14.6 million views and 424,000+ subscribers, and she shares her success with ecommerce opportunities with Shopify, print on demand, dropshipping, and many other categories. With her methods, she’s been able to realize seven-figure profits for herself.

In specific, she discusses all topics for ecommerce business owners:

  • Case studies on successful ecommerce stores.
  • Tutorials for apps & online tools.
  • Low-cost, beginner-friendly product sourcing methods (Print On Demand & Dropshipping).
  • Discussion on more advanced product sourcing strategies (such as Wholesale combined with Fulfillment Centers).
  • Sales psychology tactics to increase conversions & get customers to buy from you & to click on your ads.
  • Videos to help you with the “legal stuff” (creating refund policies, setting up taxes, etc).

Justin Cener

Justin Cener is a web and startup master, and experts in how to make money selling on Shopify by dropshipping and print on demand, etc. His YouTube channel has over 1.57 million views and 31,800+ subscribers. He constantly provides new, fresh, super useful training that will help you make your first (or millionth) dollar online on YouTube. And he has many great videos for the beginner and intermediate Shopify user. What’s more, Justin has a great ability to break things down in an easily understood, easily digested way.

Branden Wuerch

Branden Wuerch is an online and eCommerce expert, creating most of his success on Shopify by dropshipping and print on demand. His Youtube channel has over 29,900 followers and is packed full of great advice for the new print on demand entrepreneur. And it also provides Facebook ads advice, how to grow your Shopify dropshipping business and so on. It is a good idea to check it out and it not only save yourself time but also more importantly, help to make some more sales.

Travis Marziani

Travis Marziani is experienced in Shopify, Amazon FBA, and many other online platforms that help people become independent. His Youtube channel, Effective Ecommerce, has over 61,500 subscribers, and dishes out advice on this like the best ecommerce platforms, how to market on social media, and how to do product research. If you need a diverse, information-packed channel about all things eCommerce, it’s a great idea to hit up his channel.

Andrew Youderian

Andrew Youderian is a serial entrepreneur particularly experienced with business exits, SEO, and community building. And he found the Ecommerce Fuel blog which covers just about every topic entrepreneurs need to understand to run successful online stores, such as business optimization and scaling, branding, Facebook, SEO, influencer marketing, video, photography, and shipping, etc.

Ecommerce CEO blog

The Ecommerce CEO blog walks merchants through every step of the process of creating an ecommerce business. They take the complexity and mystery out of ecommerce by simplifying complex concepts. 

The blog focuses on 3 main areas:

  • Step-by-step guides to building online stores from scratch
  • Reviews of the best platforms and tools
  • Marketing strategies to boost conversions and sales for online stores

About print on demand, there is a blog 125+ Print On Demand Products To Drop Ship 2020 on it.